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Helping families to a healthy Work-Life-Sleep Balance

I'm a postpartum and infant sleep expert offering parents and babies support after coming home from the hospital.

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Hi, I'm Elli White, Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula and Infant Sleep Consultant. 

I offer parents a smooth transition into their new role as a family. I strive to create a stress-free environment by helping educate and inform the whole family on how to care for the new baby.

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I offer non-medical physical, emotional and informed support after the birth of your baby. I help with self-care recovery , postpartum comfort measures, newborn care, breastfeeding and healthy infant sleep. 


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What Parents Say

"Elli is a disciplined and skilful doula, and an incredibly gentle and thoughtful person. My husband and I already had experience with both night and day doulas, so we had very high expectations. Elli completely surpassed them. She is intelligent and creative in her approach - this was really important to us because we had a difficult time with our infant due to several health-related issues. She was so patient and loving that we often looked forward to seeing her after a long weekend alone with our baby. She truly became a big part of our family and we miss her dearly.

Finding the right doula for your family is a very personal process. If you value sincerity and integrity, Elli is the perfect doula for you. She is also an excellent communicator. It's important to her to have open and honest communication with both parents, as well as to set realistic goals based on the expected developmental milestones of your baby. A true professional, Elli is always looking for ways to improve her understanding and knowledge of early childhood development though her network, classes, and conferences. She will often have up-to-date information about recent health trends, lactation, and sleep-training that may not necessarily be widely available.

We will absolutely hire Elli for our next child (whenever that will be!). Above all, she has been a dependable, kind, and knowledgable doula (and friend). We can't wait to work together again!"

Mariya Anderson

"Elli joined our family on the first night back from the hospital. She was a godsend. She expertly took care of our son from the get go and more importantly taught me and my husband how to care for him. I cannot rave enough about her. I learned countless things from her regarding baby care in addition to the extra hours of sleep i was able to get while she was here.

She was impeccably neat and organized. She also assisted me with the pump and bottle sanitazing at night and left everything in its place. She also logged all of her activity at night so I knew when/how much he feed and any other pertinent information (I kept this practice after she left, it is incredibly helpful!). She also advised me on some lactation matters and explained techniques for pumping and breast feeding. As a first time parent that advise was invaluable.

I felt incredibly at ease with her which allowed me to sleep soundly. I would bring certain concerns to her and she would explain the reasoning behind certain behaviors my son was exhibiting. There is just no blog that can substitute having an expert in your own home.

By the end we were very sad to see her leave. She has a personality where she becomes part of the family because she cares for your family as her own. I highly recommend Elli if you are considering her to work alongside your family in this very special time in life."

Yasmin De La Vega

"Elli is a gem! She worked with us for two months when our twin babies were 5 mths old. She created a day time and night feeding and nap schedule to create a routine that we could all stick to. The schedule significantly helped with the babies' sleeping longer stretches at night. Elli is calm, knowledgeable about infant care (and sleep training in particular), and loving towads babies. Our boys became comfortable with her very quickly and smiled whenever she was around. She was extremely patient with them and compassionate when they had sleep regressions or had episodes of being more challenging. She always treated them with respect, kindness, and love and I completely trusted her with them in her care. We have a spiritied toddler as well and Elli was not phased by the circus that our home can be during the evening hours. We loved having Elli around for support and guidance. Any family that works with Elli is lucky to have her!"

Sara Einhorn

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